Arch Nemesiz is the latest writing duo added to the Universal/Brentwood-Benson publishing company roster. Dave Wyatt and Gabriel Patillo formed Arch Nemesiz after spending over 10 years together honing their writing, performance and production talents as part of TobyMac’s Diverse City Band. The duo is known for their lyrical freshness that maintains pop sensibilities. This unique sound is driven by the Grammy and Dove award winning Wyatt’s musical skills that seem to drive and yet subtly blend into Patillo’s ponderous soulful vocals. The duo has in a short time learned to create music that you can’t help but listen to over and over again and fans will tell you that their catchy hooks are equally matched by energy and magnetism on the stage.

The band takes their name from personal experience and time spent with friends in tough spots as they noticed that most of the time the greatest enemy that people have to overcome is themselves. Wyatt says that “An odd thing about people is that they can at the same time be the hero and the arch nemesis of their own story.” Patillo adds that he, “hopes the duo’s music helps people realize this struggle and strive for the heroic!” It’s through this thoughtful recognition of the war inside that the name was born…

The award winning duo believes that their unique style is also derived from the dynamic tensions between their backgrounds. Gabe comes the west coast; while Dave from the east. Gabe, from a musical family and spent most of his childhood and teen years raised by a single mom. His father was a member of the award winning band, Santana, but Gabe never really wanted to get into the music business himself. But opportunities kept coming his way. Dave on the other hand comes from a traditional Virginia coal mining family. His natural talent came directly from his grandfather who played over ten musical instruments. Dave knew early on that his passion for music should be pursued and followed this dream all the way through college attending Berklee College of Music, Hampton University (a historically black college) and Liberty University. These differences lead to thoughtful, introspective discussions about life, values and meaning which the duo believes often finds its way into the core of their writing. Song after song seems to pulse with the tension between different ways of seeing the world. This is the kind of music that Wyatt enjoyed and dreamed of creating.

The group actually began working together for that reason. After over a decade of touring and doing studio and production work for others, Wyatt decided that he really wanted to give space to creating music that he enjoyed and that expressed the struggle that he sensed in the world around him. He began to think about other artists that he respected and wanted to write with. His Diverse City partner, Gabe Patillo, was a quick connect. Gabe was the first artists that Dave pursued and worked with. The two had for years worked together very well on the stage and now there was an immediate connection in the studio. Wyatt says, “I knew I had to make a whole project with him, and Arch Nemesiz was born.”

Arch’s quick start has been admired by fans and their recent submission, Cali Just For Fun recently used on the E! network, seems to point to bright days for the groups future. Fresh lyrics, sensible yet creative sounds with real stories – that’s the goal. Arch Nemesiz appears to be well on their way to becoming a voice in the industry by using these tools to call their fans away from their demons and towards the champion inside.